The control-room drones work their magic:
Oh-three. Oh-six. One four seven five.

Standing alone
Together on our circular marks—
The first time for each
Both—we shiver,
Unaware of how the magic works,
Knowing only that on this
Our honeymoon
Distant dreams await.

At last the final sequence starts:
Two. Eighteen-one. Fivesixfour.

Streams of data,
Yet bone, blood, mind—We fly.
My hand in yours,
Your heart in mine,
Our minds … together.

At the speed of light,
Still, enchanted we linger,
Enjoying the view.

© 2006, 2024. Originally appeared/announced as third-place winner of Dragons, Knights & Angels 2006 poetry contest

© 2024. Recorded 15 March 2024: Evening with a Poet event at The MacMillan Institute, Duncanville, Texas.

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