February 2024


The control-room drones work their magic:Oh-three. Oh-six. One four seven five.Standing aloneTogether on our circular marks—The first time for eachBoth—we shiver,Unaware of how the magic works,Knowing only that on thisYourMyOur honeymoonDistant dreams await. At last the final sequence starts:Two. Eighteen-one. Fivesixfour. Streams of data,Yet bone, blood, mind—We fly.My hand in yours,Your heart in mine,Our minds …

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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

A puzzle from the Halloween #2 escape room. (unlocks a 3-digit combination lock) A simple decoder key was included in class for my students, but since this is the internet, please solve it yourself! © 2023, 2024; modification of asset found on Internet for educational use.


Canting northward,catawampus compass needle,the headstone indicatesan uncertainly certain destiny,a terminal destination. Weathered by a centuryof snow, rain, wind, and sun,the marble worn faint,the markings remarkthe significance of the stone,the lines faded to illegibility,thin as a threadbare shroud: Somebody born in March,Eighteen hundred sometime,someone beloved somehow:Wife? husband? Perhaps.Daughter or son, certainly.Such is the stamp of mortality. …

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